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Welcome to the 'old skool' site for the original geriatric town Bournemouth. Bournemouth maybe more famous for its retirement homes and crazy golf than its underground scene but this site aims to capture a brief history with the flyer galleries.

The 'Old Skool' site for the original 'Old Skool Retirement' town- Bournemouth. Bournemouth may bring back memories of dodgy package holidays and crazy golf. The town is also the settings for 'One Foot In The Grave' and 'Waiting For God' town has a small, and at times non- existant underground scene. (Despite the 2:00 AM kickouts and the many cattle markets!)

The aims of this site are to provide a small history page, create some flyer galleries and maybe in the future create a message board. So take the 'Noddy train' Trip Down Memory Lane in the History page and check out the Snapshots of Bournemouth in the 3 Flyer Galleries. Hopefully this site will bring back some interesting memories of some of the clubs and venues that have probably since been flattened to make space for yuppie apartments or retirement homes!

Created: March 2004.
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