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1988-1989 During the mid - late eighties Parties were held at Rockley Sands near Poole. (A-Z Club Culture Book). Link 1 | Link 2
1989-1992 From 1989 - 1992 the legendary Remix Club (formerly known as Kev's House) runs nights throughout the week. Article. The Remix manages to book some of the biggest name DJ's from the Scene including Carl Cox, Moby, Mr C, Mathew B, JJ Frost, Colin Dale, Slipmatt, Top Buzz, Seduction and many more. The Remix was also rumoured to be one of Carl Cox's favourite clubs, which could be true as it gets a mention on Carl Cox's 'Does It Feel Good To You?' CD Cover.

Other dance clubs in Bournemouth included Madisons (Bournemouth Square), Nobles (Old Christchurch Road), The Academy (Boscombe) and The Palace (Hinton Road). Bournemouth

The Palace, Venue (Poole) and the Showbar (Bournemouth Pier) host many of Bournemouth's House and Garage events. Some of the promoters include DBP (Deep Bass Productions), Deja-Vu,Heritage, Animal House and Succoso. Other events like Funktasia and Bump 'n' Hustle mix a blend of Soulful house, Funk and Acid Jazz.


Between 1990 – 1995 Madison’s Nightclub was located above shop’s in Bournemouth Square. Madison’s had two floors, generally the music policy consisted of Hardcore & Techno downstairs and House and Garage upstairs. Madison’s hosted many well-known promoters like Adrenalin, Northern Exposure, Groove Connection, Swing, Electric Kingdom and many more. In 1995 there were concerns the dance floor would collapse into the Dolcis Shoe Shop underneath. Sadly, Madison’s was forced to shut.


Unfortunately Bournemouth had tight licensing laws that meant the clubs had to shut by 2am. Mike T, a Promoter of the Smiley People events recalls:
“I'm surprised I can still remember, considering!
 When after the clubs shut (when you could still drive around the square) there was always a rave after. There would be cars 3 deep clogging the roundabout backed all the way up, and over the top of Richmond Hill, down past the BIC and all the way up Poole hill and past Gervis place. Then someone would find out the info and the whole town would empty in about 2 minutes. This would then usually result in a mega convoys streaming out down the dual carriageway - miles of headlights and people gurning. It was a hell of a sight to see 3 miles of headlights behind you heading out towards Weymouth at 3 in the morning! Ah, those were the days.”
There are similar stories on the Fantazia Message Board. Simone recall:
"Remember Remix too? Meeting outside the front at the end (beginning) of the night, getting in to 'anyone’s' car, heading up-country to a rave, completely off our faces not knowing where in the hell we're going, just following the person in front and spending the rest of the weekend partying. Then being dumped back in Bournemouth on a Monday morning!! Best times!!"


In May 1992 Fantzia Host the Summertime Event at Nearby Matchams. The event is hailed as one of the greatest open air raves. However, the event wasn't to popular with local sound systems as it made the local authorities and residents more aware of the Underground Dance scene!

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  Fantazia also host an event with Wild Turkey at the Aacademy in Boscombe (Now The Opera House / O2). Wild Turkey and Parhelion host events at the Academy throughout 1992.
  The Prodigy bring the 'Experience' to the Bournemouth International Centre.
  The Remix Club closes and reopens as The Paradise Club. In 1993 the Smiley People crew takeover the club and rename it The Blue Balloon.

From 1991 - 1993 Inter Dance host all night events at the Poole Arts Centre. The last event was cancelled due to bad publicity!
Letter from the August 1992 Interdance magazine.
Advert from the Oct 1992 Interdance Magazine.
Article from December 1992 Interdance Magazine.
Letter from December 1992 Interdance Magazine.
Pictures of the Hallowen event in the Feb 93 Interdance Magazine.
Pictures of the Feb 93 event in the March 93 Interdance Magazine.
Letter about the Feb 93 event in the March 93 Interdance Magazine.
Apology about the March 93 event in the April 93 Interdance Magazine. Thanks to Wigs for the scans.

1993 Local 'Rave-Zine' Indulge provides a more 'tongue in cheek' look at the local scene. Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 | Link 6 | Link 7.

In 1994 a former Inter Dance promoter opens the Manor Nightclub in Matcham’s Lane (coincidently close to Matcham’s arena, the site of the Fantazia Rave in 1992).  As the name suggest, the club was actually an old country Manor House.

1995-1999 Destiny host events at the Manor. The music consist of Harcore downstairs, Drum & Bass upstairs and House & Old Skool in the smaller room.
1995-1996 Strings Of Life Host Drum and Bass Nights at the Extreme Club (Formely The Remix Club). Madisons take over the club in 1996 but the club doesnt stay open long.
1995-1997 The G.Spot in Blandford becomes a new venue. Promoters like Adrenalin, The X.Men, Dance 95, Hypnotic Unity and many more host events at the purpose built venue.
1995 A Techno night called The Outer Limits hold events around Bournemouth. Some of the events are held in a club called Ryvals in Christchurch Road. Despite being a small event the club is voted one of the best club nights in Muzik Magazine.
1995 The Academy reopens. Soon the venue is renamed the Opera House. Slinky and CocoSheBeen take over the Friday Nights. Slinky then becomes Bournemouths first 'Superclub' with Big Name Guest DJ's like Carl Cox playing Hard House & Trance on a weekly basis. CocoSheBeen host the Drum and Bass Room. Slinky go on to host huge events at the BIC.
1996 A small Techno night called Solid State hold events at the Club (Club X) in St Swithuns Road.