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Geriatric Ravers: Bournemouths Old Skool Rave Club and Free Party Flyers

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Help Needed!

If you have any Bournemouth flyers 1988 - 1995 or any magazine or newspaper articles about this era please send us the scans via our contact links.


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About This Site:

When you think of Bournemouth you probably think of Crowded Beaches, Traumatic Family Holidays, Extortionately Priced Ice Creams, Crazy Golf, Conservative Conferences, Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Old People!

Despite this image the town still had a small underground scene during the late eighties and early nineties. This site aims to provide a small history of this era. Take the Noddy Train Trip Down Memory Lane with our history page.

Check out the Snap-Shots from the past in the flyer Galleries. We hope you enjoy reminiscing over your favourite clubs, which by now have probably since been flattened to make way for yuppie flats!!

If you would like to get involved with our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme then check out the contact page. We our currently looking for any flyers from 1988-1993 or any magazine / newspaper clippings about this era.


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Site History:
This site was originally created in 2004. The site has been recreated and uploaded in 2011. The site is constantly being updated so check back soon for further developments.

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